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Rastafari The Messiah
Yehashua Son Of Makonnen


 This book is not to determine what religion or who you should worship. It is to show the spiritual and mystical thread that has connected events over the ages to bring about the culture/religion of The Rastafarians!
Mankind considers himself master of his destiny, but being a creature of the universe, certain forces exist that man has little or no control of. If one is not in tune and harmony with these forces there can be major disappointment and confusion.

Over the ages there have been struggles by various groups within mankind to oppose and shrug off foreign domination. The story of The Rastafarians is part of that struggle. The story of the man called Jesus the Christ was also the struggle of people of colour to end foreign domination. Yes he was a man of colour, Josephus the historian of that period in his writings; ‘Capture of Jerusalem’ describes him as:
“A man of simple appearance mature age dark skin small stature…" book by Josephus.

The advent of The Rastafarians came about out of the need to end the domination of black people of the Diaspora similarly to the Jews in Babylon. The Christ/Messiah culture is the culture of the black man that has been hi-jacked by the Greeks/Romans, distorted, and used to enslave him. Ironically the teachings of Jesus the Christ was about freedom, independence, equal rights and justice. I will therefore attempt to link the past as it relates to Rastafarians with the present and dispel some of the myths linked to Christianity and Rastafarian culture.


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