​Janhoi Jaja is a Rastafarian for over 50 years. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Janhoi grew up as the eldest of two surviving siblings. Ever since he was a child, Janhoi was always interested in photography, religion and spirituality.

Janhoi adapted the culture of Rastafarians at around age 22 and became Jamaica’s first Rastafarian photographer where he has been first in national competitions on various occasions. His work has been published in various books and periodicals including album covers and public relation photos of various artistes including Bob Marley, The I Threes, Peter Tosh, Third World, Ras Michael, Ken Booth, Israel Vibration, Prince Emanuel Edward of The Bobo Shanti Order, Priests, Rastafarian Elders and many other artists. This brought him in close contact with many Rastafarians. 

Being a Rastafarian he is constantly asked by foreigners and locals to explain the culture of Rastafarians. Owing to the fact that there seems to be great misunderstanding regarding Haile Selassie I being the GODHEAD of the culture, I therefore use this opportunity in explaining to write this book! 

Rastafari The Messiah

Yehashua Son Of Makonnen  



​​To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.​​